INFORMATION: Server move and new formats

hexdump - 11-9-2010 at 12:30

Hi folks!

Maybe some of you noticed a reduced availability and glitches in the past few weeks/days regarding the streaming service... the main reason has been a server move behind the scenes (for capacity and bandwidth reasons) but also the testing of new endpoints with different bitrates and encodings.

Anyways, the worst should now be over and the new server is up and expected to perform more or less in a stable fashion... at least it's looking good right now :cool:

For those of you who bookmarked the server address directly in the past please be aware that as a consequence of the server move the address has changed!

These are the new stream endpoints and formats for direct bookmarking in your favorite media player:

192 kbps MP3 (listed on and other independent directories)
128 kbps AAC+ (listed on Shoutcast and iTunes)
64 kbps AAC+ (listed on Shoutcast)

For best experience we recommend one of the following media players:
Enjoy! :spin:

[Edited on 3-11-2010 by Henry]