Old Days Of Skalpell

Otkaelfe - 12-9-2006 at 03:26

Hey Henry

Is there any chance to hear the older stuff from back when you were on one track I like to listen to again is Entbindungsstation or maybe do a Download Release of the First 2 Tapes?


Blechreiz is still in my CD Player to this day hard to believe it was 10 years ago. getting old ;-)

Admin - 12-9-2006 at 17:41

hi ollie

i dont recall precisely what we put on, it's been too long since :)

if you remember some tracks that were up at that time and that never got released please let me know. i will go and see if i can dig em up as downloads.

maybe we will put up some unreleased older tracks as free downloads on our page anyway, i have to check back with harry...

stay tuned