192kbps stream works :) (was: 192kbps stream down?)

Christopher - 7-12-2013 at 16:21

The 192 kbps relay stream is still going strong! Tune in via the playlist, via the Xiph directory (192, 128 and 64k available), or snaffle its URL from the m3u and bookmark for immediate chillaxation.

Been unable to tune into the 192k stream today; Shoutcast and xiph only list the AAC+. Having to endure the 128k AAC+, such hardship ;-)

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Admin - 5-2-2014 at 23:01

Unfortunately, this can happen every now and then.

Christopher - 5-2-2014 at 23:21

Quote: Originally posted by Admin  
Unfortunately, this can happen every now and then.

Happy to report that normal service resumed a day or so later. Are you in need of additional / fallback Icecast streaming? If so drop me a line, I have a VPS with plenty of spare megas and intertubes.

Henry - 5-2-2014 at 23:47

That's very nice of you. I'm currently prioritizing the 128kbps AAC+ stream over everything else as it provides the best bitrate/quality ratio (IMHO) and there are still plenty of listener slots available. But if you want to help expand the 192kbps MP3 stream I wouldn't mind using some "donated" bandwidth. I can provide an exclusive mount point for a relay on your VPS, which I would then gladly use as fallback for the current 192kbps stream... Send me a PM on this forum if you're interested.

Christopher - 28-2-2014 at 17:13

Cheers, check your inbox. Happy to mirror more than one stream, I've got plenty of bandwidth. (btw does the 192 stream forward to the 128k AAC stream if the 192 stream becomes unavailable?)

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Christopher - 15-6-2019 at 00:51

Apologies to anyone trying to listen to the 192 kbps stream this evening, I had to perform some emergency work on the server hosting the stream and I incorrectly recreated one crucial iptables rule. (PEBCAK) One listener did stay connected throughout though!

Henry - 15-6-2019 at 05:15

No worries and thank you for your donated bandwidth over all these years! Highly appreciated! :thumbup:

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Christopher - 15-6-2019 at 18:36

My pleasure, the station continues to be excellent and I listen a lot. Look forward to many years of streaming :)

I'm currently considering setting up a second icecast on another server for backup streams for a few other projects I'd be happy to host a second of either 192 and/or 64 if your bandwidth is proving costly.