Love the tunes!!

Shadowzz4 - 20-1-2011 at 02:02

Hi from the US, looking around the ambient channels on itunes they are all atrocious, anyone who knows anything about ambient knows this is a connoisseurs station. I've been working on an electronic music site over the last year or so, and I review ambient albums in addition to virtually every other electronic genre. Any advice on albums or the site would be much appreciated. Keep it up!!!

Best, Domenic

need of ambient

Shadowzz4 - 20-1-2011 at 02:04

I should mention that ambient is the genre where I need the most work as you will probably notice. Your station is already helping me with new finds.

Henry - 24-1-2011 at 15:18

Hi Domenic,

It's nice to get occasional feedback from listeners. We don't get much so we greatly appreciate it.

Honestly, I don't know much about the selection of channels available on iTunes as I don't use it at all - but I imagine 99% being useless, superficial crap (like everywhere else).

We're trying our best with broadcasting some quality material whilst keeping an open mind and a zero budget :)

I like your site. Are all reviews written by you? Of course it's far from being comprehensive but it seems to be driven by the passion for music - and this is what really counts. Keep it up!


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mindw0rk - 21-5-2011 at 20:17

Just found this radio. Gonna stay tuned, really helps with immersion in txt RPG I'm playing. Thanks

Henry - 22-5-2011 at 14:36

Cheers, you're welcome!

It's good to know that text mode RPG's are still alive ;)