Make a donation!

Henry - 26-12-2010 at 17:38

In order to cover the increasing costs for server and bandwidth we accept donations through the following Bitcoin address:


Every amount is welcome!

Unfamiliar with Bitcoin? Here is a quick guide for how to donate Bitcoins:
  1. Download the Bitcoin client:
  2. Buy bitcoins from someone or through one of the many Bitcoin markets.
  3. Send us a few Bitcoins using the address above (1EsdKxNxD1f3rwzemS8unnkHZfumhk3gTw)
  4. Feel extremely cutting edge, anonymous, and hacker-y. You are now cool.
  5. If you don't want to be quite as anonymous, send me a message on this forum letting me know you sent Bitcoins.

Thank you very much!

[Edited on 5-7-2018 by Henry]

[Edited on 5-7-2018 by Henry]